Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New AV Schematic

Updated AV schematic. I have removed the bedroom PC as this seems to be a little overkill. I might run another HDMI cable from the media centre to the bedroom TV eventually but for the time being it will be DVDs only. Am wondering if the wireless remote could be used from the bedroom?

Coving DONE

Finished the coving in the master bedroom last night! All ready for the plasterer now on Thursday but have no skin left on my fingers with all that filling!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Original AV Schematic

This is the original AV schematic I produced for a house that fell through after our offer was excepted. The general principals have remained the same although I need to update a couple of items. Before we go any further I know this is nerd-tastic but there is nothing like a good olde schematic to help you remember all the cables to run.

Little did I know at the time the importance of considering power!! Have just spent the weekend installing a new ring main just for the media centre PC, bedroom TV and projector! A lot of effort just so I can watch TV in bed without having to stare at power cables.

I will update this schematic and repost it as soon as I get a chance.

The House

Here's the house! Its a 1920's 3 bed, terrace house which is ripe as a cherry for a full referb. Its structurally sound but does need loads of work.

We moved in mid December and are well under way with the work now. I thought that I was well prepared for the amount of planning required get all the AV kit installed but I was seriously wrong! PC, TV's and speakers are the easy bits. Its the cabling, lighting, power and planning that's the difficulty!

Any ho, I will add some pictures of the work that has gone on and make sure that I post regular updates of the progress. Hope its not too boring.