Monday, 22 March 2010


After a busy weekend and with the help of a very useful father, the frame for the built in wardrobes was built.

At the crack of dawn and with more timber than you would find in a rain forest we started work. Of course I hadn't planned anything so the first thing we did was scratch our heads for a bit; who needs a drawing.

We started by laying the hardwood for the base and then moved to the uprights that the wardrobe doors will butt up too. The walls were anything but straight so there was some cunning trickery needed to get the uprights completely, well, upright. The rest of the frame went up like a dream, minus a quick trip to B and Q for a little more timber (don't ask). We had to wack one of the doors in to check the the frame was square and of course and the thing moved with just the puff of an asthmatic weasel! Perfect! A couple of layers of paint over the weekend have really finished it off and it looks sweet as a nut.

There is plenty more going on at the mo, so I will try to keep the blog up to date!!

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