Sunday, 28 March 2010

Weekend of Bathroom Bashing

Well a weekend of destruction has resulted in a very large hole in the bathroom wall and a sink that is held on with a bit of blue tac! The hole is surprisingly useful as you can now get straight out of the bath straight into the hall way. Genius.
Most importantly though is the new ceiling throughout the hall and the bathroom. It looks excellent and just requires the fine skills of the plasterer to sort out now.

Thanks to Tod for all the help; its always nice to have someone to laugh at you whilst your balancing on a couple ropey bits of wood over the stairs!!

This afternoon we went out to get the tiles for the bathroom and I couldn't believe how many we needed for such a small room; 19m2!!. As you can see from the photos, they are also really bloody heavy and the car wasn't much fun to drive with no rear suspension. Shelley took on the role of 'supervisor' whilst I loaded and unloaded all 19 boxes... thanks honey!

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