Friday, 2 April 2010

Bathroom Mayhem

Its the start of a 5 day marathon DIY session and so far so good. Day one was spent constructing the wardrobe interiors whilst my mate and electrician supremo Tom tested my dodging wiring and worked his magic on the distribution board. Thanks Tom.

Day two has been a biggy. I picked up the basin early in the morning and the rents were down shortly after. No time for coffee as Dad and I set to work whisking out the bathroom suite. The floor came up reasonably easy, especially in areas where the wood worm had rotted the joists. After three trips to Wickes and much buggering about with plastic pipe, we were ready to lay the new flooring. I still cannot believe the price of the PE fittings!!

By 6:30 we had the new floor down and to treat ourself we installed the toilet! There is still no water upstairs but the bath is in ready for plumbing in.

Its been a long slog today but the end result is superb and drinking a beer whilst standing on the new floor was priceless.

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