Sunday, 25 April 2010

DIY Bling!

While some choose to run 26 miles this weekend, I had my sights set on an equally challenging event; the building of a partition wall and cupboard for the boiler in the upstairs hall. Sure, 26miles of running requires months and months of hard, sweat inducing training, but I spent over £90 in B and Q which nearly brought me to tears!

Fortunately I had a crack team of helpers this weekend in the form of a rather drunk Jeff and the ever keen parents!

Friday afternoon and evening were spent adding the finishing touches to the bedroom prior to handing it over to the chief interior designer. The curtain rail was put up, the bed was constructed and the sliding wardrobe doors were finally put in place. During this period Jeff (worker #1) was ''stuck'' in the pub as a result of a beer induced train delay.

Once the lubricated friend finally made it the only possible course of action was to down tools, up beers and ring the Curry Centre for a mosterous feast.

Saturday morning started like any other, coffee and planning. Jeff and I decided planning was over rated and ploughed straight into the build. After a couple of hours hard graft, we had a frame that almost looked like something substantial. The parents ( worker #2/3) arrived with the new lawnmower and more importantly home made brownies and they set to work in the garden.

At lunch we decided that it was time to hit B and Q for plasterboard and timber. Long story short.... we ended up in the car park with a sheet of plasterboard double the size of the Ford Focus. Bring on Car Park DIY! Once in the car, the only concern was the avoidance of any kind of road traffic accident which would have brought about sudden death in the two of us. I have never seen Jeff looked so relieved as he got out of the car with all his limbs attached!

5 hours later and we had a fully enclosed 'normal' bathroom and a cupboard around the boiler that would put any carpenter to shame! Whilst all this heavenly construction was taking place the rents and the missus were making great use of the new lawnmower and strimming in the garden. What a sterling job they did! I now even have a tidy garage that a car will fit it!!

Sunday we focused on the coving around the hall which went up like a dream. There were a couple of dicey moments as I balanced over the stairs on an old hand rail, which in turn was balanced on two 40 year old ladders, which in turn had a precarious Jeff balancing on the end, but all was well and everyone survived unharmed!

By late afternoon it was time to hit the shops as chief credit card holder to purchase the bed sheets and duvet stuff for the master bedroom. Half way through we said good bye to Jeff and thanked him for all his hard work and we continued to run round a couple more shops.

So, another weekend of great progress thanks for all the help received. Time to start the mighty move into the new bedroom now. Toast first though... always toast first.

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