Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The marathon DIY session has finally come to an end and as a result I am now coaching both my body and mind back to health!

Following the last post where we had the bath in place and the toilet 'kinda working but leaking' things progressed well but not without a couple of nightmares along the way.

First thing Saturday we got the bath secured in place and piped up. We ran the new waste pipes which was hard work as a couple of new holes were required in the external wall to the back of the house. A strong desire to crack out the power tools at this stage to save on manual work resulted in a plume of black dust filling the bathroom and covering my father as I went to work outside with the grinder. Some loud shouting and coughing from the window soon had me back to the pain inducing hammer and bolster.

Some time later we started on installation of the basin (not sink, they are found in the kitchen). Little did I know the pure pain and mental torture that was just ahead of me. To cut a long story short the basin went on, then off, then on, then off, then on, then off, then back to the bathroom shop as it was the wrong basin, then back again to the bathroom shop because it didn't fit, then on and then off. At this stage my Dad had suffered a minor breakdown and it was time for him to be wheeled off the safety of the local mental home. Fortunately, at 6pm the second shift arrived in the form of the future father in law. We pressed on until the whispers of darkness fell and exhaustion had engulfed me. At this stage I thought that it was the perfect time to climb a ladder in the rain and install the waste pipes on the side of the house. Amazingly this little job went without incident and I even had a little joke with the neighbour about how my Dad had got caught earlier going to the toilet in the garden by the neighbour on the other side of the house; I later regretted this!

Sunday was another day packed full of FUN. The sink came off and on again as we attempted to stop the waste leaking and I got a nice little wave from the neighbour I was speaking to just 12hours ago as I zipped up my flies as I walked back to the house from the garden.... nice.

After a couple more hours work the partition around the bath took shape mostly due to the encouragement of Tod whom without I would have been sat playing the playstation or fast asleep.

After a jolly on Sunday night for a rather merry dinner party, Monday was a write-off. I set about returning as much unused 'stuff' I had amassed from Wickes and Screwfix's over the weekend to try and replenish the bank account and then set about being grumpy and useless.

During all of this I must mention the superb work the girls, by whom I mean Shelley, my Mum and Julie, did in the garden. It looks truly smashing and if it wasn't for the randomly placed old bathroom suite would almost look like any normal garden!!

Thanks to all that helped this weekend and for putting up with my incessant swearing, none of it could have been achieved without you all!

Time for some special, well deserved playstation time now..... until Friday that is!!

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