Monday, 1 February 2010

E is for Energy

100mm of insulation installed and what a difference it makes, especially when your heating doesn't work. There is another 170mm to go down but I will wait till all of the AV wiring is completed up in the loft.

At the far end of the loft is the double gang socket for the TV in the bedroom. My first attempt at wiring a ring main and much to my surprise it worked first time. I still nearly wet myself as we tested it and the grinder burst into life!!! Anyway, I moved this socket last Wednesday further to the right so I don't have to walk over the bedroom ceiling to get access. With the joists being a little thin I was worried about the deflection caused by my 14stone cracking the new plaster.

Next job up here is to run the AV trunking downstairs and run some cables.

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