Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Process the Progress

Well it has been an age since the last update, so as I sit on the train heading back from a trip up to Bradford I thought it was an ideal time to post! It seems that if I am not working, I am working.

The master bedroom is nearing the decorating stage with the walls fully sanded, the carpet taken up and the lining paper only two sheets away from completion. It’s been a long slog but the room is slowly coming together. The wardrobes have been ordered and the bed picked so all the big things are all sorted now. On with the painting at the weekend then!

AV trunking and HDMI cables for the connecting of the loft PC to the lounge will get put in too if I can find the time.

The most important room in the house, the study, has only one coat of paint left to do and the floor to be laid and then the gaming PC can finally be set up! Having installed the cat5e cable for the PC alongside a number of 240V mains cable I am worried about network interference but we will have to wait and see. If it’s bad I will have to pull the floor up again and re run it as the media centre cable runs the same way; fingers crossed!

Electrically wise, the upstairs is done. The extra sockets in the bedroom and study went in and so did the unswitched socket for the boiler. Just need to connect the cables running to the distribution board into the new MCB’s and it should all work. No doubt the bathroom will need new lighting but I shall worry about that if the ceiling gets pulled down.

The next big job, the bathroom is another step closer as the suite has been decided upon. It is just waiting for approval from the lady of the house. Then it’s time to pull out the sledge hammers and knock down a wall. Oh and the new window goes in on Thursday. Go go go!

Back to the ‘Guns of Navarone’ then… only 15mins left to go.


  1. you'll probably get away with running the Cat5 in with the mains cables. if there are any major issues, i've got a drum of FSTP Cat5e kicking around somewhere that will do the trick!

  2. Awesome mate cheers! I wired in the socket yesterday so once I have moved the router and wired in a new double socket in the downstairs hall way I'll be able to test it all.