Monday, 22 February 2010

For the collective good

With Shelley vacating the grand manor this weekend, a couple days distraction free DIY were obviously on the cards. Friday night was spent like any other normal 26 year old, searching DIY stores for low tack masking tape. As it turns out there is a global shortage of the low tack variety mostly due to climate change. So, both the random lady in B and Q and myself had to opt for the overly expensive 3M Expert Paint Tape instead. Being blue and costing a huge £6 I expected great things from this tape and I wasn't disappointed! Even with the masking tape problem I still managed to get a full coat of paint on the master bedroom ceiling and coving that evening.

Saturday was a long day filled with painting, sanding and more painting. The master bedroom ceiling got another coat, as did the the three wall of the study that were being painted cream. Two panel doors were tidied up and each had there first layer of undercoat applied.

Sunday proved the most productive with the help of two part time DIYers also know as Phil and Lisa. With Phils obsession with general destruction I had no other choice but to set him tearing apart the upstairs hallway. It was either that or there was going to be little left of the downstairs. Once Lisa arrived, thing calmed down slightly and after a tediously long search for a scrapper we set about stripping the wall paper. All the progress can be seen in the photo above.

All I have to do now is decide on whether I want a lion or an acorn on top of the stair post..... apparently.

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